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Learning logo design made fun and easy to remember.

Logo Analogy has compiled the most important secrets and principles of logo design, explained in the form of analogies with real-life stories.

william lovecraft book logo analogy learn logo design easy fun

For who is it?

You find it hard to search for design theory specifically applied to logo design.

You feel like you don't provide enough value to your clients.

You think you're able to design better, but you don't have a clear process.

You want to learn some fun techniques and stories about logo design.

Talk no more!

What's inside?

The book is divided into 3 sections: Principles, Production, and Presentation of logo design. There are 37 chapters in total, with a very concrete message in each one. Each page is accompanied by an image, which will help you to understand and remember the core idea.

william lovecraft branding logo designwilliam lovecraft book logo analogy learn logo design easy fun

Book reviews

The layout is beautifully clean and clear. There is a huge amount of knowledge inside. I love the use of analogy to use relatability in the teaching. That’s very clever.

Jacob Hedges

I like the way you explained things by giving an example to each part of the logo design process and also the bonus you included at the end of the book. I learned some new stuff that I didn't know about before.

Moncef Arajdal

I have to say the way you have set the whole layout is pretty unique. It's making the book easily readable and engaging! It will definitely add a lot of value for the young designers.

Aakash Patel

If you're doubting, take a look on the free pages.

My book is a compilation of all the years of professionally working as a brand identity designer. You can get it today for only 17.99$. But in case you're doubting, you can download some free pages first.

william lovecraft branding logo design