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Hey! My name is William, and it's nice to meet you.

I am a branding guy with a marketing background, author of a self-published book, with a decent following online. I own a branding agency in Spain and directed award-winning design & branding projects.

william lovecraft branding logo design

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Awards & Recognitions

Every project is made to achieve business goals and for the love to the craft. But it's nice to win some awards from time to time!

2021 LogoInspirations — Monogram Masters Book

2021 Sandu Publishing — Nescafé Logo Redesign

2020 Wolda Awards — Europe Silver Award

2020 Logolounge — Awarded Logo Designs

2020 Huntlancer — World's Top Creative Designers

What they say

Reviews from past clients

He designed us an award-winning logo.

He has designed the most outstanding logo of my country. I am immensely delighted for his dedication. A year after, he came to us saying that he had win an international design award with our company's logo.

Mario Belluci
Business owner, Gelato

Professionalism and talent.

It is a pleasure to work with him. A pure combination of talent and professionalism.

Nicolas Spindelböck
HR executive, Huawei

He's a smart and a really creative guy.

We asked for an A but William came back with an A+. He always brings fresh and appropriate ideas to the table.

John Mayer
CEO, Flagger

Experienced and fun to work with.

We have avoided so many mistakes thanks to his experience. He has helped us in every possible scenario. I can say that the success of my dream business is thanks to William.

Joshua Kito
Business owner, Sakai

More than visuals.

William's a great person to work with. He captured the soul of my business and constructed my brand. He showed us the WHY of our brand and HOW we should make our WHAT.

Li Zhang Heng
Founder & CEO, Meili Investing

Creativity, professionalism and efficiency.

William is a fantastic profesional. Not only he is creative but also efficient. He clearly masters graphic design techniques and web design and he has an eye for detail. Highly recommended!

Miguel Sanchis
Neuro-Marketing Specialist

Knows our needs and very efficient method of work.

William reached out to me saying he loves pizza and would love to make design work for us. He can capture the Pizza Hut essence and create pieces of content as if he had been working with us for years.

Business owner, Pizza Hut

Spectacular job.

I am in love with his design proposal for my studio. He captured perfectly my ideas and built what I could only dream about.

Alan Arnold
‍‍CEO, AA Photography Studio
william lovecraft branding logo design

In May 2019, I created my Instagram account. My main mission here is to inspire and train graphic designers from all over the world to find their own value, level up their skills and rediscover the joy and passion of crafting design.

During the last years, I have been working with big firms like Google, Oppo, Nivea and Pizza Hut on projects such as billboards, short animations, doodles and corporate design; locally and at an international scale.